What We Do

DCS Associates’ work reaches all levels of the restaurant and food service business. We tailor-make our plan, your “deliverables” and our performance to your goals and aspirations, We operate on an “à la carte” basis where you pick and choose what service fits, or as “project-driven”, where we work together with you and a mutually handpicked team of experts toward your vision, however simple or grand you require. We know how to create restaurant ideas; we know how to plan and open a restaurant; we know to improve an existing restaurant; we know how to do restaurant marketing. And those are only the basics.

This means that you decide based on your needs. Consider a full, top-to-bottom “needs assessment”. Let us (with you) develop the restaurant ideas, the plan, everything your restaurant needs to secure your goals and your vision at the beginning and at each step of the way.

Our track record of accomplishment speaks for itself. Our major services include development, financial, front-of-the-house, kitchen, food menu and beverage program consulting, restaurant staff training, openings, marketing and taking the lead with you in the march toward profitability.