We believe in helping you creatively construct your innovative, niche-filling concept and restaurant from the beginning. This is often the point from which all else emerges—the grounding of a vision statement, the integrity of the management team, atmosphere development, team building, menu ideas and continuity, long-term sustainability.

At the same time, we believe in not changing what is working. For example:

  • A successful theme that’s good but does need new flair or energy.
  • A once reasonable profit margin that is now nonexistent or not enviable.
  • A menu item that worked but no longer generates the sales it once did.

That’s why our development services meet your business where it is TODAY.

Whether tweaking an idea around, to get the foundation upon which you want to build your business, redesigning the front of your house for operational efficiencies, improving your profitability margins, or something so very basic as suggesting a singular dinner entree that reflects your primary concept. We will find out what YOU need.

First, whatever your goals . . . we make them happen.

Second, our team of industry leaders will design a Project Plan that is both ECONOMICALLY sensible and COMPREHENSIVE, structured so that you will to get where you want to be, on time and at a reasonable cost.

Third, we will guide and work with you to implement YOUR Plan.

You may have us recommend a strategy to turn your wine; beverage and specialty drink programs around and build the revenues you need, or provide a chronological list of ideas for pre-opening service exercises and pre / post opening day activities. We’ll offer flexible restaurant staff training at any market level around a new operational, guest service, menu or financial system. Offer tips on attracting (or actually procuring) the best General Manager, Executive Chef, Sous-chef or Maître d’ in town, whatever town. We may recommend Labor or Cost of Goods control program software that responds to YOUR restaurant’s needs, not someone else’s, in order to help you choose between a system researched and custom designed at modest expense vs. a less effective, off-the-shelf model. Or your system may work beautifully—in which case we may simply tweak to improve your monthly bottom line with new restaurant marketing ideas.

Whatever your need, our food service consulting offers you the expertise you need to fill it.

Not only that, we excel in project management—coordinating the architect, interior designer, graphic artist, general and sub contractors and other team members, so that you don’t have to. We can ensure that the team sets and meets the project milestones. We can develop that timeline for all project disciplines and the simple tools to measure progress that, as you well know, is very complex in our industry.

We keep in mind that a visit to YOUR restaurant or food service-oriented business must be a complete human experience. It is our responsibility to develop the totality of—the beginnings, the middles, and the ends—that make that experience unique, lasting for your customer and profitable for you and your employees.