If you think you’re leaving money on the table, and likely you are, our restaurant consulting services will help you find it!

We provide step-by-step solutions to improve your profitability, from initial financial systems to day-to-day controls.

Consider this: a primary reason for restaurant failure is the absence of a well-organized and successfully implemented accounting/ financial system.

Let’s look at the numbers. According to Deloitte & Touche, and generally speaking, your average pre-tax profit margins likely range ONLY between 4 and 7 PERCENT. That leaves little room for missteps! Add potential lack of business experience, undercapitalization and basic financial skills that most startup restaurateurs bring to the table and you have a potential disaster.

We can help you prevent that disaster BEFORE it happens or help clean up one that has already begun. Our clients outperform industry standards and averages.

Contrary to belief, a brilliant concept, exquisite food at any market tier and a loyal staff does not mean long-term success. You’ve seen it a million times: owners spending their days putting out fires, jumping from one operational task (or crisis) to another—the controls, inventory, and finances not receiving the attention they require. No worry; we provide the motivation, education and expertise to get you back on track TODAY.

First, we look at your financial infrastructure, your Point of Sale system and its reporting. Next, we develop controls for ordering, receiving and inventory, including the procedures that “engineer” your menu to produce maximum gross margins. Then we look at the optimization of every labor hour of each day. We will recommend inexpensive and effective labor modeling and tracking systems to record daily and week-to-date sales and labor that work for YOUR situation. Finally, we’ll insure that you have full, useful accounting and IT support, from selection to installation to management and staff training.

We pull from the best profit improvement methods. From restaurant financial systems, timely and actionable profit and loss statement production and review, and practical next action steps to solve problems. A common mistake across the industry is that restaurant owners manage after the fact—when the P&L statement for the prior month is completed; when it’s too late. Our solutions make a difference. They allow you to manage proactively and NOW.