Front of House

A successful front-of-the-house (FOH) design reflects every element of your restaurant, café, grill, and hotel or food retail business. It blends your concept, not only with operations but also with the tastes and desires of your intended clientele. FOH excellence parallels “total” customer-satisfaction and a quality-dining experience.

Encompassing everything from the menu sign above the counter order window in a neighborhood take out spot to the choreographed gestures of the maître d’ at a 5-star restaurant to the color of the crown molding in the nightclub at the resort hotel, the FOH is the point at which complete and comprehensive dining, drinking and entertainment experiences flow.

While the back of the house (BOH) is filled with chefs, cooks, food preparation and runner or delivery staff, people with similar interests—the FOH is oftentimes a “melting pot” that is filled with servers, bus persons, hostesses, people of varying ages, backgrounds, interests, and professions—people temporarily, sometimes transitionally unified by a YOUR restaurant concept. That’s why it is vital for a clear and strong concept, which unites the disparate personalities of the FOH under one banner.

We excel at building successful FOH experiences. We orchestrate everything from architectural and interior design to construction to décor to training employees. When we enter your project at the beginning, we provide continuity of service from inception to post opening and beyond. Our pre-opening staff training services are unparalleled in the business with focus on product knowledge, sales skills, up selling to higher check averages (and gratuities) and role playing, as well as service standards in a “training card” format that works vs. the manuals that collect dust in a back pack.

We also perform a secret shopper service and ServSafe Food and Alcohol Training. Conceptual, creative, leadership, team building, managerial skills, and a front-of-the- house focus . . . just a few examples of what DCS restaurant consulting will bring to YOUR table.