The View “From 50,000 Feet”

Our full business assessment is the most comprehensive in the business among those offered by restaurant consulting companies. It is a top down look (from the fighter pilot’s vantage point at 50,000 feet high, so to speak) at everything you do . . . from the perspective of a team of professionals with decades of experience.

Addressing the realities of your business TODAY, we measure against yesterday’s performance and tomorrow’s vision. We evaluate whole processes and systems from leases to standards of operations to guest experiences to employee satisfaction to price-versus-value relationships to training and leadership.

We feed your information into an evaluative matrix to provide you with an invaluable barometer of how you are doing compared to the competition as well as local, regional and national trends.

This means that after our restaurant consulting services work is done, you begin with attainable benchmarks for YOUR specific operation and situation, whether you are thriving upscale casual bistro in Boston, an exclusive “A-List, beautiful people” nightclub in Miami Beach or a mom-and-pop diner in the Bronx or Beantown suburbs.

We look at service standards, food and beverage quality, menu innovation, and the financial health of an entire organization or franchise. We provide you actionable recommendations to improve efficiency and maximize profitability. Our deliverables are on your desk on-time and within budget.

Commercial real estate brokerage. We locate the restaurant business for sale or lease and help you secure it at favorable price, terms and lease, market feasibility, site selection, business planning, management and culinary searches and management team training, food & beverage cost control programs, sales driven strategies, productivity improvement; even a full turn-key restaurant delivery (if desired)—you get it all with DCS Associates.