We don’t believe in just “food preparation.” We believe in “kitchens”—where the parts add up to a whole lot more than just a place where a chef and his line cooks put together ingredients to make meals. The kitchen is at the heart of all that your concept wants to be. On the other hand, it may also be the center of all that is holding you back. That’s why your kitchen’s efficient management, atmosphere, training and organization is key to the success of your small (or large) business.

DCS Associates Restaurant consultants help with each component—from the management and kitchen staff training of personnel to building teamwork to installing the right system, to monitoring the costs of food and goods to fostering creative outputs.

DCS Can Help You Improve Profitability and Efficiency With:

  • Food Menu Design and Wine & Beverage List Development: DCS Associates works closely with the Ownership, General Management, and Chef to develop a high quality, cost efficient and concept supporting menu. The beverage program, wine list(s) and spirits, beer/ale and specialty beverage program is targeted to concept and food compatibility.
  • BOH Food & Beverage Product Training: All Kitchen management and staff, where Chef determined and station applicable, are taught to prepare each menu item as though it were created and sent to the dining room by the Chef.
  • Custom Tailor and Produce Kitchen Operational / Training Manuals: “Training Card” System of restaurant staff training is offered for all positions. DCS will produce these kitchen station procedural materials to document and be certain each Kitchen team member knows and is responsible for his/her job on a step-by-step basis. Also DCS will take the lead (with the Chef) in front of house food menu training via menu abstracts, tastings and evaluation exercises.
  • Food Cost of Goods Infrastructure / Management, Kitchen Personnel Training: DCS will recommend, install and train on the best food and beverage cost of goods control systems, custom designed or basically available but tailor-made, most importantly, best suited to your operation.
  • Recipe Development and Costing: DCS will assist and / or provide systems for the Chef, Kitchen Manager.
  • Team Hiring, Development and Training: DCS is prepared to assist / procure key Kitchen management and staff as requested.
  • Kitchen Line Check: Food Safety and Quality Audits. DCS installs the system to do a full pre-shift production preparedness audit, quantity, quality, consistency and temperatures.
  • Kitchen Design: DCS works with Chef / appropriate vendors, design and equipment, to create the most production efficient, cost effective food center.
  • ServSafe Certification