Branding can be a “mystery” that very few seem able to solve. How does one name/concept/brand prove a smashing success while another equally clever one fails miserably? One thing is clear: brands almost never sell what they say they sell. The best concepts and brands speak to the non-logical centers of the brain. They appeal mysteriously to a particular human feeling and fantasy.

“Service and product quality are only the beginning . . .
NOT the end of a great brand.”

We’re all told we need to do more of it and a better job. But no one has really stopped to explain what branding actually is and how you build it. Plain and simple, it’s a delivered promise. It’s what your customers, your employees (internal customers), vendors, the media and every other key constituent come to expect from your restaurant. And “brand-building” is closing the gap between what you promise and what you deliver.

Branding is not something that happens when you advertise. Nor is it that people recognize your logo or recall your advertising. It’s what happens when there is a near-perfect alignment between what you promise and what you deliver.


Positioning is the place you hold in a customer’s mind relative to the place your customer holds regarding your competition (the cheaper choice, the higher quality choice, etc.). If you were to think of a place to go out for a cup of coffee, you’d say Starbucks, right? (DCS would think Peet’s or anything George Howell is doing). Positioning in this case is clear and simple. Starbucks merchandizes internally and has a highly-focused menu. They don’t fund mass media campaigns so much as focus on a core product line and providing flawless execution.

  • Do people know what you represent?
  • Is there a restaurant with your concept nearby?
  • If not, would they dare to be?
  • And if you are known, what is it for?

These are all questions to ask to assess your position today and in the future. Effective positioning, then, involves the harmonious incorporation of your unique selling proposition. This is the one thing that only you can claim. It’s a point of differentiation that the competition cannot possibly claim. It’s creative and unique and it’s all yours.

At DCS Associates, we believe that your organization’s brand—whether restaurant, boutique hotel, or gourmet retailer—is YOUR most valuable asset. And with our team of industry experts, we help you integrate your brand’s design across every aspect of your business. This ensures that everything from logo to advertising to menus work to create one unified brand experience.


Our talented marketing strategists, graphic designers, creative web designers, results-driven social media consultants and skilled search engine optimization experts combine industry knowledge with market-leading savvy and capabilities to create highly effective marketing campaigns that convert to sales.

Services Include:

  • Marketing Plans
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Advertising / PR / Promotion
  • Logo Development and Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Restaurant marketing ideas including e-mail and mobile marketing
  • Loyalty Program Development